How to find outfits that fit like a glove

Finding that 'perfect fit' can just be near enough impossible sometimes, so when you finally do it almost feels like a god send. Having a tiny waist can sometimes make if very difficult to find things that fit nicely - bodycon dresses, or A-Line skirts can just fit terribly on me (most of the time.)This … Continue reading How to find outfits that fit like a glove

The perfect day time dress

If you like going out to eat, or just like over eating in general, you'll know the struggle of wearing jeans which fit you in the morning and then are ready fling open once you're full. I love to wear jeans, but sometimes I need unlimited tummy space so I don't need to unbutton my … Continue reading The perfect day time dress

‘Jeans and a nice top’

If you're a girl you know the pain of texting your friend before a night out asking what they're wearing to receive the reply "jeans, heels and a nice top". As annoying as it is, we're all guilty of doing it. That's because most girls really do rock up in the attire of nice jeans, … Continue reading ‘Jeans and a nice top’

How to rock classy

Although sometimes I think dressing super casj would be uber comfortable and make me feel far more of a 'get up and go' type of girl, I'm just a sucker for looking like I'm ready to walk into an office. I absolutely adore looking elegant; I'm less of a trainer lover and more so a … Continue reading How to rock classy

The perfect bardeau dress

Today and this evening I am yet again in Cambridge; the weather was beautiful again and therefore I was able to wear something real cute and summery.  This dress is honestly a god send, it is so comfy and is different to other bardeau dresses. This is because thankfully this the first bardeau item of … Continue reading The perfect bardeau dress

How to style Double Denim

Double denim is a definite in thing right now; lets be real, its as risky as anything but sometimes risks can pay off.  Lets face it, nobody wants to look like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2000. However, trying to bring back a classic 80's look can be pulled off, if you do it … Continue reading How to style Double Denim

Should you wear plaid?

In my eyes, plaid is a very marmite trend.  Personally, I love anything tartan, plaid gingham etc. I am a massive fan of patterns and essentially giving each outfit a bit of 'oomph'.  The way I look at it is, if you're gonna go for plaid, matching it with other patterns is either a massive … Continue reading Should you wear plaid?