Transitional pieces

We've officially hit that time of the year, when you wake up absolutely freezing, pull out a jumper and a coat and end up sweating by the afternoon. This is one of my favourite times of the year; although the weather can be erratic and transient, it's the time of the year where we can … Continue reading Transitional pieces

5 reasons you know you’re a blogger

1. You have to take a picture everywhere you go If my boyfriend had a penny for the amount of times I've said "take a picture of me please" - he wouldn't need to take the pictures, we could hire a photographer. Everywhere you go, you see it as a photo opportunity, 'will this brick … Continue reading 5 reasons you know you’re a blogger

Chilled Saturdays

Much to everyones surprise, some Saturdays I do spend in a more chilled way. I don't go out every Saturday (just most Saturday's). This evening I'm with friends and although its a much more chilled occasion, I refuse to turn up not looking my best (or almost my best!) I absolutely love dressing up, but … Continue reading Chilled Saturdays

Floral Thursdays

You know when you just find that outfit that hugs all the right places, well I've finally found a jumpsuit that I looove. This superdry jumpsuit is perfect for those days when its humid, but not sunny enough to whip your legs out. I hate feeling like I've dressed inappropriately for the weather; thisjumpsuit helps … Continue reading Floral Thursdays

Red Festival Feels

Last night I was at an amazing festival and I whipped out a mediocre-ish festival outfit! Although this playsuit is super cute, it has more pj vibes as opposed to festival vibes but I love it nonetheless. The fit of it is so relaxed; perfect for when you're drinking prosecco all night and you're bloated. … Continue reading Red Festival Feels

Floaty evening dresses

Sometimes when I've been at work all day, the last thing I want to do is squeeze my tummy into a tight, uncomfortable bodycon dress. I tend to overeat at work so by the end of the day I'm usually very, very bloated. For once I opted for a much more comfy option as opposed … Continue reading Floaty evening dresses

How to find outfits that fit like a glove

Finding that 'perfect fit' can just be near enough impossible sometimes, so when you finally do it almost feels like a god send. Having a tiny waist can sometimes make if very difficult to find things that fit nicely - bodycon dresses, or A-Line skirts can just fit terribly on me (most of the time.)This … Continue reading How to find outfits that fit like a glove

The perfect day time dress

If you like going out to eat, or just like over eating in general, you'll know the struggle of wearing jeans which fit you in the morning and then are ready fling open once you're full. I love to wear jeans, but sometimes I need unlimited tummy space so I don't need to unbutton my … Continue reading The perfect day time dress

‘Jeans and a nice top’

If you're a girl you know the pain of texting your friend before a night out asking what they're wearing to receive the reply "jeans, heels and a nice top". As annoying as it is, we're all guilty of doing it. That's because most girls really do rock up in the attire of nice jeans, … Continue reading ‘Jeans and a nice top’