How to avoid outfit repeating

For those of you who know me, you will be fully aware as to how much I reject outfit repeating. It is a total and utter crime to even consider wearing an outfit you've already been seen in.  If my readers could really see what my wardrobe looks like, they would think my whole blog … Continue reading How to avoid outfit repeating

How to dress for an interview

This morning I had an exciting job interview to attend; and theres no better way to make a good first impression other than to dress well and consistently grin.  How casual the interview is will entirely affect how well you dress; mine was pretty formal so I decided to go with a classy fit.  Firstly … Continue reading How to dress for an interview

What to wear on sunny days

When it's warm, I have my absolute go to outfits. One of them being playsuits. Today I am spending this beautiful day in Cambridge.  If there is anything I really can't stand, it's wearing an outfit with sleeves on a hot day. I really can't hack the heat so I would much rather wear something … Continue reading What to wear on sunny days

Shopping and Breakfast attire

Today I went out for a lil shop and a spot of breakfast; thankfully it was lovely and warm, so I was able to wear a slightly summery outfit.  This new t-shirt of mine is so cute! I'm not much of a t-shirt wearer because most t-shirts are usually extremely plain and very rarely compliment an … Continue reading Shopping and Breakfast attire

Warm evening attire

Anyone who reads my blog post every Saturday night (my most popular post of the week) - you will know just how much I love having fun filled evenings.  Tonight is no different, however instead of partying I am going to the cinema which will be just as enjoyable! It's such a warm evening that … Continue reading Warm evening attire

Dressing Different

I must say, sometimes I feel as though my attire is very predictable. It's usually relatively dressy and usually consists of a cute skirt or some nice jeans.  Today is no different in terms of the fact that I'm wearing a cute skirt, however I decided to mismatch it a little. I'm going out for … Continue reading Dressing Different

Miserable weather attire

Isn't England such a fun place to be? One minute it's 25 degrees, the next thing you know it's pouring it down! Looks as though I was slightly too quick to put my winter stuff away in the loft and swap my wardrobe for a summer one.  Today I have a filmed a new (exciting) … Continue reading Miserable weather attire

Nude Sundays

Nude pallettes are such a Spring time thing; I didn't realise how much pallettes and colours take a toll in choosing your outfit based on what time of the year it is.  For example, in the Autumn everyone tends to opt towards browns, yellows, oranges etc. (Although sometimes this must be challenged). In the summer … Continue reading Nude Sundays