How to dress for certain occasions without overdoing it

Admittedly, I am not one to ever really ‘dress down’ so to speak; my style mainly consists of more formal attire and I am forever being ridiculed for ‘overdressing’. 

Although I am a firm believer in the fact that “you can never be over dressed or over educated”, I also think there is a limit as to how much you can dress up or how much you can dress down. 

Tonight I am going to the local village pub to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Although it isn’t a super casual venue, it also isnt a‘get your legs out and put some stilettos’ on kind of venue. I have opted for a more pristine approach; smart but not too dressy that I will be catching looks. 

I have gone for quite a bland outfit with a touch of colour – this orange skirt from H & M is beautiful and although I am limited to choice as to what I can pair it with, it undoubtedly makes an outfit stand out and makes the little use I have of it worth it. I paired it with a plain black silk H&M blouse, this blouse is so so soft and thin enough to not make you too hot. My Micheal Kors jacket is the perfect match for this outfit; not to be pedantic, but when my clothes have buttons on them or even just little studs, they have to match on every piece of clothing. For example, in this outfit the buttons on my jacket are gold, the studs on my skirt are gold and the top button on my shirt is gold. Its the little things.                             To top the outfit off I have worn my black suede Public Desire boots; I wanted these boots for so long – the perspex heel is mesmerising. To tie it in with the outfit the top of the heel has a strip of gold – and voila, this is how you achieve perfect detailing.  

I also co-ordinated my make up with my outfit, my absolute fave thing to do. I wore my orange mac pigment along with a cool brown mac shadow. I wore my NYX lipstick in shade 09 – Abu Dhabi. My glitter pigment is a great match with my skirt and basically the same shade.

Thank you for reading and remember, I’m here to put my perspective on things and just give tips; if you want to overdress or underdress, by all means please do. You do you boo. 

See ya next time!

Macy x

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