Switching outfits for different social events

Being socially double booked can be a huge stress, not only is your time very limited but you also have to have just one outfit that is appropriate for each event. 

This evening my mind run away with me a little and I sort of overbooked and made 2 different plans – I hate to miss out on anything or disappoint anyone so I have decided to still attend both of my original plans. 

Bearing in mind one of these plans being to eat out at a restaurant, and one to be a party – the attire needed for both is very different. I needed to find something that was fit for both purposes; instead of having just one outfit I created two. The best of both worlds and all that jazz. 

For my meal out,  I have opted for a baggy white jumper and my pink bodycon Missguided skirt. I wore tights with it because I didn’t want to catch hypothermia and probably wouldnt wear this skirt with no tights to a restaurant. I wore my black pointy chunky boots as they are super comfy and not too dressy to wear in a restaurant. I topped my outfit off with a black jacket – this helps to really dress down my outfit and still makes me look smart. I am in love with this sparkly clutch as it is super glam and helps to accesorize the outfit. 

In the car on the way to the party I got changed into my new outfit; essentially I took off my white jumper which underneath I had my gemstone cream sheer River Island top. I kept on my Missguided skirt and took off my tights. I then changed into my nude strappy Public Desire heels; i felt as though this colour went a lot nicer than my black strappy heels. Over the top of this, I wore my nudey coloured fur coat, to match my heels. Once again, a seemingly reoccuring scheme – my outfit is pink themed; including my make up. My lips, eyeshadow (both outer crease and eyelid) are also pink. 

If I have any advice as to changing outfits within a short time scale, I would say definitely layer up – add something casual and baggy over the top of a dressy outfit and you will be ready to go within minutes! 

Happy reading, 

Macy x

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