How to make a scrapbook

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to create a scrapbook. I have always had a very creative side to me; however knowing where to start is the hardest part. Firstly, I wasn’t sure which colour theme I wanted to go for, whether I wanted to literally create my own bound book or buy etc.

Where to start:

Firstly, go searching for a book that suits you. If you wish to opt for a bigger book, maybe look in a store first, and if you can’t find the size needed, go online. My scrapbook has different picture on the front; I like this because it is Parisian themed and it is just the right size for me. Paperchase do an excellent range of scrapbooks; there are also many different types – do you want a blank white paged scrapbook, a coloured page scrapbook, or even a lined scrapbook? Deciding what is best for you will help to motivate you into starting.

I have my scrapbook where do I go from here?

Buy pictures. The next thing you should do is choose the pictures you want; and either order them or go into a store such as Boots and print them out. I printed around 100 pictures so that I knew I would be able to not only start my scrapbook, but finish it. Lacking motivation and time is a hindrance when creating your scrapbook – so be sure not to run out of materials as this may put your scrapbooking to a halt.


Choose a theme for your scrapbook – I chose a more floral theme. When choosing your patterned paper, it is most probably best to have a theme in my mind. Are you choosing a coloured theme? Flowers? City skylines?


Buy accessories. Just having photos and patterned paper to back it with will not make an aesthetically pleasing scrapbook. Many stores sell stickers, badges, fake petals, paint, gel pens, you could even glam it up with sticky back diamond studs. The best ever personal touch to a scrapbook is of course little touches, for example tickets, receipts etc.

Voila, your perfect recipe to a scrapbook!

See ya in my next post!

Macy x


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