Everyday make-up

Similar to clothing, I also tend to over do it a little on the make up side of things too. Not in the sense that I go overboard and look orange, but more so in the sense that practically every day I do a full face of make up, including eye make up. Sometimes, waking up an hour and a half before I need to leave the house is a little bit of a chore and every so slightly tiring. Today, it was my first day back to sixth form after a week, and I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to make the full effort and decided to just do simplistic, every day make up. 

And this is how:

The most important part of anyones daily routing should be skin care; I exfoliate every morning. Although my skin isnt the best, it is still a lot better than it could be. I then use my Cuticura shine control moisturiser; I haven’t really seen the difference in shine control and it is a very thin solution – however it does its job. I then use my It’s Skin WR effector – this is amazing and I swear by it. It also helps you achieve a more glow-y look as there is tiny bits of glitter in the solution. 
When starting on my make up, I always wet my beauty blender first, to ensure that the sponge won’t just soak up my make up and provide nothing else. I then apply my Pur Minerals correcting primer, this is a thin orange primer which helps to mask any red patches on the skin. Today I used my GOSH – X-ceptional wear foundation, I prefer to use Estée Lauder double wear, however this foundation is very light and is much more suitable for an everyday look. Under my eyes and on my T-Zone I apply a Sleek make up cream concealer, this is high coverage and I prefer it to a more liquid concealer. 

On my brows I use Diego Dalla Palma brow pomade, this is easy to use however can take quite some time. On my lids I used a simple neutral shade; I used Birthday Suit from the Benefit World Famous Neutrals pallette – nude colours are my absolute go to, especially when I am wearing an atypical colour, eg dark green, turquoise, lilac, etc. I have naturally long eyelashes, so sometimes the mascara isn’t too important to me. However my all time favourite is the Benefit Theyre Real mascara – it is the best mascara when it comes to separating lashes and ensuring they aren’t clumped together. 

I then use my French Connection contour kit, I like the brown shade as it is not too dark for my (very) pale skin! I then use a really thick brush to apply bronzer from the Autograph Face Palette.

I adore glowing, however for a more natural look I tend to go for a less glow-y highlighter, so today I used my Smashbox highlighter as it is a lot softer than any of my other highlighters. I applied this above my cheek bones, on my cupids bow and on my nose. On my lips I am wearing the NYX soft matte lip cream in shade 04 – London. 

I like this look because it is just so easy and far less time consuming. If you’re looking for an au natural look, look no further – my advice would always be to go for softer shades when doing this. Browns and nudes are probably the best colours to wear when wanting to look pretty but simple. 

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial, and thank you for reading!

Macy x

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