These boots were made for walking 

Sometimes, even simple tasks such as walking your dog can be something you want to look presentable for. I understand it isn’t the most glamorous of activities – however, there are times where I have the motivation to wear something a little nicer than just jogging bottoms and a jumper when going out for a walk.

Although practicality comes first, who says being practical and fashionable isn’t possible? 

On this beautiful evening, I am taking Hugo out for a walk and decided to showcase my dog-walking attire. 

I am wearing a blue sheer shirt underneath a black jumper to keep it trendy but warm. I wore the blue shirt to co-ordinate with my light blue coat; this is nice to wear when entering the season of spring as it provides warmth but isn’t heavy and allows room to breathe. I am wearing my blue skinny jeans – these are as snug as a bug in a rug; they are very suitable for walking in. 

Lastly, I wore my Dr Martens as they provide all round comfort and are easy to slip on. The fact that they are leather helps with the fact that if they get dirty (or more so, when) I can easily just wash them with a wet wipe, which is quick and easy to do. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dress nicely each and every time I take Hugo out for a walk, but sometimes I like to make a little effort.

See ya in my next post,

Macy x

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