What to wear to the cinema? 

I have never really been certain as to whether the cinema is smart or casual attire, whenever I go I see an array of different styles which makes me wonder

What really is the dress code for the cinema?

I always find that I tend to go for the more dressy look, however sometimes I think it would be nice to dress down. 

Tonight however, Im wearing a more dressy outfit as I am eating out beforehand; had I of just been going to the cinema I may have opted for a more comfortable outfit. 

This evening I am wearing my cut-out black top, this is super stretchy and comfortable, it hugs your figure in all the right places. I am also wearing my flower embroidered black skirt – this is one of my favourite clothing items as it is so cute! It is admittedly a little big on me but when I tuck a top in, it isn’t too much of an issue. Over the top I am wearing my pink Zara leather jacket – this is an all time fave of mine however it is a slightly uncomfortable. I accessorised with my black bow Topshop choker – I love love love this choker and it goes with pretty much any outfit. I wore my black handbag as it enables me to take everything I need out with me, and the crocodile skin effect goes well with this outfit. I’ve worn my black loafers in order to dress it down a little bit – these are the comfiest shoes I own. 

If you’re uncertain about what to wear to the cinema, just wing it. Everyone dresses differently – wear your tracksuit bottoms or even put a dress on – it’s all up to you. 

Thank you for reading!

Macy x


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