Outfit of the day

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose an outfit when you don’t have much going on; today I went out for lunch and that was pretty much it. When I’m not doing all too much I despise wearing my best outfits, so today I wore a more toned down outfit. 

I wore my denim shirt underneath a printed black and white jumper, I did this because I wanted my bodycon denim skirt to match. As you can see the collar of my shirt and my skirt are practically the same shade and same type of denim. I love this look because the level of co-ordination is super cute. I wore my knee high boots, which I wouldn’t usually wear when wearing a skirt or a dress, however they don’t look too bad when paired with a more classic look. My knee high boots are super comfy and go with so many different looks. Over the top I wore my oversized black faux fur coat – this is the warmest coat I have and it is just so cushty! 

If you’re struggling with a smart/casual outfit, I would always suggest to go towards a more classy look. Saying this, I think that is my average everyday advice – I’m not much of a dress-downer myself. 

Catch you in my next post! 

Macy x

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