4 different ways to wear a jumper as an accessory

My comfiest items of clothing usually are my knitted sweaters, baggy jumpers and my hoodies. However, how much can you wear a jumper? And to what extent does it better your outfit? I feel as though jumpers are something I chuck on when I’m lacking care and confidence. 

When wearing a jumper, I feel slightly frumpy also which really can lower my self esteem – jumpers rarely ever dress up an outfit. When pondering, I thought of more innovative ways that a jumper can be used in order to dress up an outfit. 

1. The posh golfer look – wrapped around your shoulders: This is my all time favourite jumper look. I love this look on both boys and girls. This baby pink jumper looks adorable with this white blouse – I would always suggest when carrying out this look to wear either a blouse or a shirt underneath the jumper. 

2. Casual date? Slung over the shoulder:I like this look because it looks as though it was something you rapidly threw together before leaving the house, and at the same time radiates ‘I’ve got my life together’ sort of vibes. 

Top tip: make sure there are no colour/ pattern clashes when doing this. 

3. Want to show off your waist? Tucked in to high waisted jeans:

When I see other girls sporting this look i want to scream “you look so cute!!” This is one of my favourite simple looks, it’s effortless but looks organised. 

4. Dressed down but wanting to look cute? Worn oversized:
This look is for when you’re exhausted and cold – in the winter this is definitely a look I opt for, it’s cosy and makes you feel all snug. 

Thank you for reading! 
Read my other blogs if you want to hear more about how I dress down or get glammed up. See ya next time. 

Macy x

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