Glam Make-up: how to

Glam make up isnt most peoples fortés – I get that. It is potentially the hardest make up look you can do. However, it is my favourite type of look. 

My glam make up look is quite different and probably isnt something I would say sounds amazing on paper. Because, lets face it do orange and deep red match? Not really. 

I sort of winged it and this was the result:

I began with my daily skin care regime. I then used green colour corrector – it may seem difficult to use at first however once you learnt to colour correct appropriately then it becomes a lot easier. I then applied Diego Dalla Palma baking powder – in my personal opinion it is THE best baking powder I would certainly recommend it. I then used my Diego Dalla Palma brow pomade. On my outer crease I wore a deep brown and blended it so it was eventually quite a light brown. I then wore my orange glitter Mac pigment. I wore Mac highlighter as well as Benefit’s Shy Beam. On my lips I wore Bourjois Paris velvet lip stick. This is the best red to wear as it doesn’t feather – if you’re looking a red lipstick to wear I believe this is the best as it doesnt move too much. 

My tip when wearing red lipstick is to ALWAYS line your lips first. This stops it from feathering and moving. 

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on my next post! 

Macy x

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