Brunching and day time dresses

Surprise surprise, I am eating out again today. I am going for a late brunch – breakfast is my absolute favourite meal to go out for. 

It is such a beautiful day so I went for a more spring look, although I did wear a jacket to make my outfit more colour co-ordinated. 

I am wearing a denim dress, which is very comfy yet not the best to wear in hot weather. Over the top I wore my burgundy waterfall jacket – this is extremely light and so so comfy to wear. It is one of my favourite spring jackets. I completely colour matched this outfit and wore my burgundy boots. These aren’t the comfiest but they look extra cute with this outfit so, no pain no gain I guess. 

I also co-ordinated my make-up, of course. I am wearing burgundy eyeshadow on my outer crease, and burgundy lipstick. Having the perfect outfit includes making sure absolutely everything is matching. 

What would you suggest to wear to brunch?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!

Macy x

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