Breakfast, shopping and so much more

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, courageous women out there! In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are doing everything my Mum loves to do; breakfast, shopping, cocktails and dinner. 

I wanted to dress smartly enough for the occassion, but comfortable enough to walk around whilst shopping. I always feel as though shopping is a dressy occassion, but others may see it as quite the opposite – maybe I’m just extra. 

I wore my green-y coloured blouse – this is hard to match with because of how bright it is. However it does go well with my blue ripped jeans. I wore my black studded boots and black MK jacket to dress my outfit up a bit. My blue, white and red bag surprisingly looked really cute with this outfit. I was half expecting it to clash with my blouse, but fortunately it matched well. 

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone thoroughly enjoys their Mothers Day; make sure to treat every woman in your life incredibly well on today of all days. 

Thanks for all the love and support! 

Macy x

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