Dark Night Sky eye make-up

So today is my first step in a new journey; my first ever vlog! 

I have always loved make up, applying make up and watching make up tutorials. So I decided, why not start myself?  

I’m not writing this post in order to promote my vlog, but more so to provide a written approach as opposed to a visual one. I know I learn far better through a written style than a visual style. 

I will just explain how I did my eyes:

Firstly, I applied a light brown eyeshadow from my Sleek perfection palette. I then used darker browns and blended them outwards with my sleek palette. 

I then used my Cargo Cosmetics beach palette to apply gold tones and a bright blue on the outer crease of my eye. I started off with the lighter blue as this is far, far easier to blend than a deep blue. 

I then applied a deep, dark blue on my outer crease gradually, and blended it outward. 

On my eyelid, I started off with a base of silver eyeshadow. I then applied my silvery/blue holographic eyeshadow from Topshop. This eyeshadow is amazing and looks silver until you’re in the sunlight and turns a blue-ish colour. I think applied my Anastasia Beverly Hills light gold underneath my eyes, aswell as my inner corner. 

Thank you for reading this extra special post and witnessing me progressing even further in my blog. I love bettering myself. 

Watch my vlog here: 

Macy X​ 


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