Saturday Antics – girl’s night

If you hadn’t got the jist yet, I’m very much a social butterfly and I’m always partial to a good Saturday night out. 

Girl’s nights are my favourite type of nights; I get to wear whatever I want without feeling majorly self conscious. 

Is it just me that is loooving red this season? I don’t really own much red at the moment but I sure hope to after seeing how much it is plastered all over the shops and modelled by some of my fave bloggers. 

I usually don’t opt for low cut tops but this bodysuit is so cute and I absolutely love an excuse to wear red lipstick (even if it is very high maintenance). 

I wore jeans because I wouldn’t necessarily pair a low cut top with a short skirt – but if thats what you like then you do you boo, I bet you rock it. I usually don’t tend to wear a low cut top with a skirt purely because I don’t really have the figure for that type of risqué outfit. 

I also wore my barely there heels; I know I always bang on about these heels but I simply can not wear any other heels without getting blisters or my feet hurting! 

I know this outfit is pretty simple, but it’s dressy enough to attend a girls night so I’m not complaining. 

Thanks for reading! 

Enjoy your Saturday evening. 

Macy x

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