Beach Day

If you’re like me and hate being cold, you will know how just intensely happy you feel when the sun comes out to play. 

I am so partial to a beach day it’s untrue. I visited Wells-Next-The-Sea and I just love it there. 

Although I am a look good, feel good kinda person, I chose complete comfort over style (although my outfit was not too shabby.) 

I actually wore two outfits within several hours because I decided two hours in that I wanted to get my pale legs out. 

For the first two hours, I wore my loose, straight legged green patterned trousers from H and M. These are THE comfiest trousers I adore them. When travelling long distances, you must must must purchase these trousers. I wore it with my topshop scallop vest because it’s versatile and matches anything patterned. 

I then switched into my Topshop high waisted shorts, these are also comfy and look so good in the Summer. In all honesty, changing into these really wasnt a fashion thing but more so I-really-dont-want-pale-legs-anymore sorta thing. 

Thanks for reading about my lovely adventure. 

What did you get up to on the hottest day of the year?

Thanks for reading! 

Macy x

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