Bowling outfit

This evening I am bowling in Cambridge and then meeting up with my friends for drinks afterwards. The dress code for drinks is ‘casual’ however that’s not really in my vocab. So I tried to be as casual as possible. (Not very casual at all) 

When going bowling I’m pretty sure you always wear jeans, I’m not sure why but it’s pretty much an unwritten rule. 

So today I have decided that as I am attending two different events, I needed an outfit that suited both. 

This evening I am wearing my favourite white blouse – this is so beautiful and the frills top it off. However it is such a pain because even when it’s ironed it still looks slightly creased. I am wearing my ripped thigh and knee jeans from River Island – these are so nice and make such a statement. 

Over the top I am wearing my pink fur gilet – if anyone knows me they will know how much I LOVE pink and fur. So together, its a perfect match. I am wearing my black clear perspex heeled boots with this outfit. 

Thank you for reading and happy easter!

Macy x

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