Pop of colour

I’m not exactly one to dress in plain clothes; I love a good pattern or a cute colour. I wouldn’t really be seen regularly wearing all black neither. 

Today I decided to show my utter admiration for Spring with a pop of colour. (Even if it is really chilly). 

Adding a bright coloured item with a patterned item can be pretty risky but I think it looks cute enough. 

I’m wearing my emerald green blouse; this is incred but matches very little as expected. It bothers me how it doesn’t have any collars or buttons up to the neck – but on the plus side, the style is different which is why I quite like it so much. 

Paired with this I wore my Miss Selfridge’s skirt – this is a total classic and fits me so nicely. I love this skirt because it matches any non-patterned blouse and looks super dressy. 

I wore my heeled loafers with this outfit; although these are the cutest shoes I own, they are terribly uncomfortable and I only wear them when I’m doing very little walking. 

Thank you for reading cuties!

Macy x

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