How to plan your outfit according to the weather

1: always check the weather the night before

Before even thinking about what I am going to wear, I must look at the weather. I absolutely hate being cold, so the thought of leaving my house in a summer dress and the weather being below 15 degrees, send shivers down my spine. For today’s look I checked the weather last night, and decided to wear a roll neck (a very good choice I made).

2: plan your outfit the evening before

Nothing concerns me more than not having an outfit planned prior to the day of wearing it. When I have social events coming up, I usually plan my outfit days before (maybe a little too organised!) In my opinion, a rushed outfit is never a good one. When I make spontaneous plans it stresses me a little that I don’t already have my outfit laid out on the floor ready for me.

3: double check the weather in the morning

This morning for example, I doubted myself when I looked out my window and saw that it was sunny. Upon stepping outside I realised that the sun may be out, but that certainly doesn’t mean it is warm. I then switched from my fur coat to my Micheal Kors lightweight jacket – a totally poor decision on my behalf when the weather was meant to reach only 6 degrees.

4: layers, layers, layers

If in doubt, take extra layers in your handbag. If it looks warm but you think you could still be out later on in the evening, then take a jacket. It’s better to be safe than cold!

5: dress according to the season

My main reason for switching up from my fur coat – which would have been my best bet, was partially because I felt that wearing a fur coat in the spring time was extra. After being practically freezing ALL day, I wished that I hadn’t of cared how I would look strutting it about in my fur coat in the spring. I would much rather be warm and feel as though I look odd than be chilly and look cute.

You don’t always have to outfit plan, however I would strongly suggest it – it makes your day 10 times easier.

Thanks for reading!

Macy xo

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