Denim Days

One of these days, I will be courageous enough to wear double denim, but for now my denim jacket and grey soft denim jeans will have to do. 

Not to blow my own trumpet, but this is a pretty cool outfit. It’s a lot more relaxed and casual than I usually would put together, but it is comfortable none the less. 

These soft denim jeans are so comfy and fit like a glove, but they aren’t really denim at all. They are essentially just a denim look. 

I wore my wild coloured patterned top; this top is a bit too colourful to match with things. It goes well with jeans but thats pretty much it. 

Over the top I wore my extra warm denim jacket; I loooove this jacket so so much but as it gets warmer it’s too thick to wear. 

To the top this outfit off, I wore my spaekly loafers. These glitz it up a tiny bit, however the outfit is still pretty casj. 

Thanks for reading! 

Macy x

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