How to look good even when doing sports

For anyone that knows me, you will fully well know that I am truly and honestly the least active, sporty person to exist. I’m not competitive whatsoever and it’s a good job too because I’m not good at much.

This weekend, I am on an adventure holiday and it has been just so much fun.

My attire has been the complete opposite as to what I would usually wear on a day-to-day basis but I surprisingly have loved it.

Feeling comfortable and wearing no make-up can be extremely refreshing and I feel far less self conscious than I do when wearing my usual clothes with a face full of make up.

Yesterday I wore an adorable pair of joggers with a top – these weren’t brought as a set however I perfectly matched the shade of the top with the joggers and created a set of my own. I wore my adidas superstars – I own a very little amount of trainers but these are one of my faves when wearing a chill outfit.

Today, I played badminton and wore my green silky shorts. These are so comfy but I much prefer wearing joggers. I wore my white and black short sleeved t-shirt as well as my black and white converse.

I had to buy these ‘dress down’ clothes as my wardrobe isn’t exactly rich in scruffs. I planned these with such great preparation and im glad they came together nicely.

Thank you so much for reading!

Macy xo

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