Feeling kind of blue

Contrary to the fact that my title quite literally says ‘feeling kind of blue’, I am feeling extremely positive this week, regardless as to what my outfit vibes have given off. 

I have been lacking the effort when it comes to my make-up recently, and for a few days have abandoned my “always dress up” image. 

This outfit may have been casual, however I did try super hard on my make up and managed to colour co-ordinate it with my overall blue theme. 

No matter how busy my life gets and how casual my outfits become, one thing I can promise is that I will never ever abandon colour co-ordination. 

Colour co-ordination is the key to success. 

In all fairness, I have only been wearing such casual outfits because I have been sitting exams and there is nothing worse than your tights making your legs itch whilst amidst an essay. 

Anyhow, this outfit was purposefully casual and it worked too. The whole theme of it revolved around predominantly white and blue. 

This t-shirt is so nice to wear in this humid weather, and I didn’t feel the least bit boring wearing it. To contrast it, I wore my dark blue slightly ripped jeans. These are denim jeans, not material jeans so they can be slightly stiff and uncomfortable but they fit like a glove so im not complaining. I wore my Adidas Superstars in order to carry on the perfect matching shades. 

Happy Thursday everyone!

Thank you for consistently reading,

Macy xo

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