Saturday night outfit

I am about to potentially feature the least glam Saturday night outfit I have ever sported. 

This evening I am going to a guurls night and I slightly fear getting moaned at for being “too dressy”. This usually happens, however it is inevitable. I really can’t help wanting to go full glam ever Saturday. 

Upon the note of being warned, “you better not dress too fancy”, I decided to (for once) take the advise of dressing down a little. 

My outfit tonight is very much a spring outfit – despite the fact that it is raining catd and dogs. 

This pale blue top is one of the cutest tops ever – and my Mother is going to be annoyed when she reads this because I potentially stole it from her wardrobe hehe. 

I am wearing my favourite pair of jeans tonight – admittedly I have only worn them once since purchasing. They are so comfy and fit like a glove. 

Clutches are the least practical type of bag however they always look good, so tonight I am wearing my Alexander Mcqueen clutch, along with my black heels. 

Happy Saturday!

Thank you for reading!

Macy xo

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