How to rock block colours

I am a total believer in, if an outfit has no patterns within it, it’s most probably boring. However, sometimes factors such as the weather can throw me off and mean I’m not able to wear something with a pattern. 

Today was such a beautiful day and I 110% largely regretted wearing tights the second I left the house. Majority of my short sleeved tops are plain, so today I had to deal with wearing no patterns. 

Wearing black was probably a poor decision from me, however I am yet to get my Summer stuff out so I just had to stick with this top until I do. 

Wearing black and orange is pretty autumnal, however because I went to sixth form I had to wear something formal, so this outfit fit the de-brief. 

If you’re like me and hate feeling plain, I would most likely suggest simply wearing a colour that will pop. This will make you feel slightly more dressy, and when wearing bright colours it is practically impossible to look boring. 

My skirt doesn’t look bright in the pictures, however in person it stood out. Also, when wearing block colours I would suggest wearing jewellery – this just jazzes it up a little however I failed to take my own advice on this today.

P.s. wearing something with confidence means you could never look boring. 

Thank you for reading!

Macy xo

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