Last day attire

So today was my last day of sixth form; meaning that I now have a 4 month holiday until starting at my new school. 

I am so excited for the ventures yet to be endured!

I wanted to create a good final impression so I wore a super summery outfit, curled my hair and colour co-ordinated my make up (no change there.) 

My boyfriend took me out for such a lovely dinner too, so I felt as though I needed to be dressed for the occassion. 

This playsuit is so cute and used to fit like an absolute glove, however it has gone slightly baggier since it has been washed. It is still super comfy regardless as to how it fits; be it baggy or tight. 

I wore my white New Look sandals with it, these are one of my favourite summer shoes, however I would definitely not suggest buying. Purely because within several minutes my feet had bled due to the rubbing of the shoes. Never the less, they are very very adorable and SO versatile!

Happy sunny days everyone! 

Lots of love,

Macy xo

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