Nude Sundays

Nude pallettes are such a Spring time thing; I didn’t realise how much pallettes and colours take a toll in choosing your outfit based on what time of the year it is. 

For example, in the Autumn everyone tends to opt towards browns, yellows, oranges etc. (Although sometimes this must be challenged). In the summer however we tend to choose much brighter colours. 

When I think of spring I think of pink and lilac and turqouise; I think of the sun setting later and all colours which are pale. 

Henceforth my Spring themed outfit today. 

This evening I am going out for a meal and have attempted to depict Spring in human form. 

I’ve kept everything extremely light – including my make up. I honestly am so obsessed with this blush colour. My t-shirt is so so cute and makes me feel as fresh as a daisy!

I’ve worn my white jeans because I feel as though we have finally just hit the pivotal point in the year where wearing white jeans is deemed as socially acceptable. 

I’m wearing my block heeled blush coloured sandals because these are such a summer shoe and I feel like I can finally wear them! Yay!

I wore my baby pink Ted Baker jacket because any outfit which would suit this outfit I always jump to the opportunity and pair it with it! I’m wearing this baby pink choker just because its glitzy and matches the theme of the outfit. I love to accessorise when possible. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday evening – I sure will!

Thank you so much for reading. 

Macy x

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