Miserable weather attire

Isn’t England such a fun place to be? One minute it’s 25 degrees, the next thing you know it’s pouring it down!

Looks as though I was slightly too quick to put my winter stuff away in the loft and swap my wardrobe for a summer one. 

Today I have a filmed a new (exciting) video – so most of my day has consisted of being inside in my dressing gown. 

I slightly dreaded leaving the house, however I dressed for the occassion. I have jeans on because there is no way my legs are coming out any time soon with this weather. 

I wore my extremely thin sheer jumper. This jumper is cute but very very see through. Meaning that I can get super chilly when wearing it. 

Because I didn’t fancy catching hypothermia, I’ve worn my thick checkered shirt over the top. Lastly, on such a casj day I’ve slipped on my Converse. 

Thank you for reading!

Video to come soon!

Macy x

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