Warm evening attire

Anyone who reads my blog post every Saturday night (my most popular post of the week) – you will know just how much I love having fun filled evenings. 

Tonight is no different, however instead of partying I am going to the cinema which will be just as enjoyable!

It’s such a warm evening that I had to choose attire that wouldn’t make me melt! I didn’t want anything too heavy so I opted for a super thin, light t-shirt. 

I also have chosen to wear my black skater skirt; I have such a love hate relationship with skater skirts because they make you look at least 12 and I also feel so cliché wearing one (they are super cute though). 

I’ve whipped my legs out for the occassion because I can not deal with my tights making my legs itch the whole way throughout the film. My Ted Baker jacket suits this outfit well because it’s a very plain/ monochrome look. I’ve worn boots with this because I have such a thing at the moment about bare legs, a short skirt and boots – a total loooook if you ask me. 

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely evening!

Macy x

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