What to wear on sunny days

When it’s warm, I have my absolute go to outfits. One of them being playsuits. Today I am spending this beautiful day in Cambridge. 

If there is anything I really can’t stand, it’s wearing an outfit with sleeves on a hot day. I really can’t hack the heat so I would much rather wear something sleeveless. 

When it’s warm my ultimate go-to fit is playsuits; they are just so loose and freeing. They’re comfy as anything and can be super casj depending on how you pair it. 

I looove this black and white patterned playsuit; it fits nice and snug however doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic in this incredible weather. 

I wore my white gem sandals today also – you know the weathers incredible in the UK when you’re actually able to wear some of your holiday wardrobe! 

Top tip: if it’s warm – just whip out your playsuit! If you absolutely despise getting your legs out, simply wear a jumpsuit. These are both fun and freeing too! 

Top tip for boys: this post isn’t just aimed at us girls; such things as ‘romphims’ finally exist; these are essentially playsuits for men and they look sooo good! 

Thank you for reading – have a lovely day! 

Macy x

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