How to avoid outfit repeating

For those of you who know me, you will be fully aware as to how much I reject outfit repeating. It is a total and utter crime to even consider wearing an outfit you’ve already been seen in. 

If my readers could really see what my wardrobe looks like, they would think my whole blog is a major scandal. I really don’t have as many clothes as some of you may think. 

The trick is, to make it look like you have far more clothes than you really do by putting into play a few of my top tips.

1. Always switch up the colours

The main way in which you can totally con people into thinking that your wardrobe is as big as Cher’s from Clueless is to constantly change up your colour pallette. If you’re wearing brown one day, go for a yellow theme the next. The contrast will trick people and they’ll totally forget you wore that vest 2 weeks ago with another outfit. 

2. Vary your shoe choice massively

If you are planning on wearing a similar or the same outfit, at least do it with a bit of alternativeness. For example, if you’re wearing a relatively versatile outfit, wear black shoes with it and one day and white shoes with it another! How good your outfit is, is ALLL in the shoes in my personal opinion. 

3. Change the outfit style

If you’re planning on wearing items more than twice within a short time scale, try as best as possible to style it differently. By this I mean, if you’re going to wear something such as a skirt, go super casj with it one day by pairing it with tights and Converse, and then when wearing it again with a cute blouse and heels. It won’t even be noticeable that you’ve worn the same skirt because it’s been adapted in such different ways!

4. It’s all in the layers!

Of course this top tip isn’t appt at this time of year, but when this does become applicable it is an absolute go to when wearing the same item(s) twice. You could in fact get away with committing the offence of repeating an outfit because chucking a cute coat over the top could 100% throw people off track and they wouldn’t even know!

5. Try only wear items within a specific time frame 

If I’ve ever worn an item of clothing recently, I always always always try to avoid wearing it for at least 2-3 weeks. This gives the impressions that I have sooo many outfits when realistically it’s all in the thought out rotation of several items. 

Today, I have purposefully dressed head to toe in items that have previously been featured in my blog post. I just wanted to display how varying an outfit massively can make people forget that you wore this skirt three months ago!

I understand to many people that outfit rotation and trying to avoid repetition really isn’t all that important and that’s okay. If you wanna wear the same outfit 5 times in two weeks, you do you boo. It’s most likely such a majorly important factor of planning my own outfits due to the fact that my boyfriend pap’s me everyday for my blog and it’s probably not such a good look to constantly wear the same outfit. It also would be far less enjoyable to read. 

I hope you all enjoyed my top tips; thank you so much for reading!

Macy x

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