Summer Party Vibes

In the summer, looking glam is one of the single handed hardest thing to do. Not only does it feel as though I’m clogging my pores majorly by wearing a full face of make up, but sometimes the best outfit isn’t the one that allows enough air to your body. (I’d much prefer the one that doesn’t make me overheat – even if it’s not as cute.)

Sacrificing the cutest outfit for something much much cooler is always the way when its hotter than 20 degrees. 

Yesterday I was daytime drinking and wanted to sweat as little as possible. 

Although I did wear all black, potentiall a poor move from me, my outfit looked and felt so summery! 

I wore a frilly black bodysuit, I love this bodysuit because it allows so much air to get to your bod. It’s also really cute and extremely versatile. 

I wore my favourite summer shorts; these embroidered pineapple shorts are so adorable I cannot fault them whatsoever. They’re extremely freeing and don’t stick to you like other summer shorts do. 

Lastly, I wore these super cute glittery sandals, I am in looove with these sandals they’re so pretty! 

If you wanna look cute, just go with a cute pair of shorts and a sleeveless t shirt – your life will be so much easier. You don’t always have to suffer to slay. 

Thank you for reading! 

Macy x

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