Finding a balance between comfort and style

As much as I hate to admit it, I really struggle a large amount with finding a 50/50 balance between comfort and style. I feel as though it’s pretty much 15% comfort and 85% style.

Yesterday however I would say I made a large leap to 30% comfort and 70% style. I spent the day in Cambridge and decided I wanted to be as warm as possible due to the weather being so miserable.

Firstly I’d like to point out that I complained for at least 2 hours to my boyfriend about feeling extremely plain, however sometimes I feel as though I need to let go of ALWAYS being extravagant; there are days when I really have little energy when it comes to giving my outfit 100%. Yesterday I wanted to dress up so badly but decided to challenge myself.

Although I didn’t look awful so to say, I did try to keep it as plain as possible in order to illustrate this blog post. This shirt is honestly the softest cotton possible, it is so gentle on my skin and is hands down the comfiest shirt I own. I wanted to be warm enough to walk around all day, but not too warm due to the weather still being quite humid.

Wearing my jeans is always the best decision for me when it comes to comfort; skirts aren’t too uncomfortable however tights are extremely discomforting to wear, this just helps making the decision of wearing jeans so so much easier (even if it does look repetitive).

The largest issue I have with myself is the fact that I wanted to be as comfy as possible, however I still wore heeled boots. In my defence these are usually really comfy, but after walking around for 4 hours  and driving for 2 hours my feet did start to cramp due to the height. These were pretty contradictory however in hind sight I sincerely believed they were so nice and cushty, especially when walking around.

I would always say when developing a 50/50 balance of comfort and style, always opt for flats. Even if you’re like me and have too much pride, please love yourself enough to look after your body and not kill your feet after a day of shopping.

Thank you for reading and stay comfy!

Macy x

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