What looks best with denim

Today’s topic completely surrounds my ever growing issue, what honestly looks the cutest with blue denim? 

Black denim is as easy as pie to match anything with, where as blue denim, ESPECIALLY light blue denim can be a right pain to match things with when you feel as though “you’ve got no clothes”. 

Everyday to me as an “I’ve got no clothes day”, so I know how it feels to be stressing about matching certain things. My biggest palava is my denim skirts, I feel that there is little in my wardrobe to wear them with. 

Usually, I tend to go for darker colours when it comes to pairing them with my light denim skirt, however today I wanted to outsmart this habit of mine. 

My top tip when choosing something to match paler denim is to wear patterns; although this salmon pink is a slight clash with my skirt, the white pattern definitely helps to match it a little bit more! 

Another way in which you could match light blue denim is going for block colours, white or black would definitely look best if you don’t have any patterned tops, t shirts or jumpers to match your skirt with! 

Lastly, you could go all out and go double denim. A denim jacket would look a dream with this skirt; I’ve been wanting to create a double denim look and post it for a while now, however all of my denim jackets are either too light or too dark to match any of my denim skirts! 

I hope this is helpful! 

Thank you for reading!

Macy x

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