SLNGHR inspired looks

For anyone who is an extreme hopeless romantic and active on social media, there is no doubt in my mind that you will know who Anna and Joshua are. (He quite literally designs clothes so that she can wear them; if that isnt a dream I don’t know what is.)

Recently I have been absolutely obsessed with Joshua’s brand SLNGHR, specifically the silk pyjama blouse; they are releasing multiple different colours and I am just so excited about getting my hands on a yellow one. 

As seen on Anna here, her floral silk pyjama blouse looks SO good; its easily styled with any block colours. 

Today’s outfit was entirly inspired by SLNGHR; this silk pyjama blouse is just THE comfiest thing ever! The fact that it’s black makes life 10x easier when it comes to pairing it with other items. 

The fact that it is black does mean I can wear my floral embroidered skirt – anything I can wear a patterned skirt with excites me! 

The SLNGHR blouses are also incred not only because of the beuatiful design, but more so because you can literally dress it down or up as much as you like. Going to a party? SLGNHR pyjama blouse buttoned down. Going for a meal? SLNGHR blouse with jeans and loafers. It’s just such a versatile piece and like I said I am utterly smitten by all the different styles of it. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Macy xo

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