Should you wear plaid?

In my eyes, plaid is a very marmite trend. 

Personally, I love anything tartan, plaid gingham etc. I am a massive fan of patterns and essentially giving each outfit a bit of ‘oomph’. 

The way I look at it is, if you’re gonna go for plaid, matching it with other patterns is either a massive mistake or a big risk. I have seen several people manage to pull off pattern on pattern using plaid or gingham, however your personality and style has to be loud enough to pull it off. 

In all honesty, I don’t believe plaid is for everyone. If you’re going to wear any sort of pattern that stands out, wear it with confidence. Anyone could rock patterns if they were too feel confident in it. 

My top tip when wearing a pattern as bright or noticeable as plaid, (such as my red playsuit) is to always match the simpler colours of the two. For example, I wouldn’t necessarily pair my shoes or my accessories with red, however I wore white sandals and silver accessories to match. 

If your item of clothing has either black or white, your best bet is to wear either black or white shoes, along with the accessories and bag to match. 

Thank you for reading!

Happy Tuesday!

Macy x

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