Shopping Sundays

If there is anything I love, it’s filling my weekend with things to do. I love staying busy, so today I’m going to Milton Keynes to do a spot of shopping and lots of eating. 

It’s important to always serve looks no matter what you’re doing (in my personal onion.) So when going shopping, I do like to wear my clothes with a sprinkle of sass. 

These jeans are super comfy and were made for walking around all day. This top is also super practical in the sense that I always find myself absolutely overheating when shopping. It also helps with regards to the fact that it is very cute. 

These boots probably aren’t my best bet when walking around, but if you wanna look good at all times sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and put up with slightly painful shoes. 

Lastly, I pretty much chucked on this denim jacket because denim jackets go with practically anything. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

Thank you for reading, 

Macy x

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