‘Jeans and a nice top’

If you're a girl you know the pain of texting your friend before a night out asking what they're wearing to receive the reply "jeans, heels and a nice top".

As annoying as it is, we're all guilty of doing it. That's because most girls really do rock up in the attire of nice jeans, heels and a top.

Tonight I am sporting the ever so famous 'nice jeans, heels and a top' and I have 0 shame.

When going out, you make an evident choice (you and your friends of course because no one wants to be under or overdressed). (I'm usually the latter.) You decide either over the top, body con dress, heels and a cute clutch, or you go the complete opposite and wear a casual outfit with the heels. The sort of look as if you were to ditch your heels for converse, you could look cool in it.

Ive made the obvious choice to rather underdress tonight; for the occasion it isn't particularly underdressed as such, but I'm usually sporting a dress or a playsuit on a Saturday evening. So this fit feels slightly underdressed to me.

Hope you all enjoyed this look and thank you for reading!

Macy x

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