How to find outfits that fit like a glove

Finding that ‘perfect fit’ can just be near enough impossible sometimes, so when you finally do it almost feels like a god send.

Having a tiny waist can sometimes make if very difficult to find things that fit nicely – bodycon dresses, or A-Line skirts can just fit terribly on me (most of the time.)

This is why you need to take the time to get to know your body and what suits it best – for example, I know that A-Line skirts can be very hard to come by and they must sit right in order for me to try and rock them.

Shopping the right ranges is honestly essential in choosing the right clothes for your own body type. Are you short? Try the petite range; I’m not overly short but even I find the petite range is sometimes a much better fit for myself.

The top trick is; know your body measurements. That way you can know straight off the bat whether or not something fits you or will suit you just by looking at the measurements, without the uncertainty (especially when ordering online!)

An outfit that fits like a glove for me is this bodycon dress; daytime or night time it is perfect. I could easily wear this dress with a pair of converse and a totally casj jacket, or I could wear it with a pair of stilettos and red lipstick.

This Topshop dress fits so well (as long as I’m not uber bloated) – it hugs all the right places on my body. Some people may think the complete opposite and well and truly oppose to bodycon dresses which essentially ‘stick’ to your body.

Some people may feel as though swing dresses are more so for them – this is absolutely fine as most of the time I think this too! I much prefer tea dresses for my body type; as I mentioned, knowing your own body and what works well is honestly the key to looking confident and flawless in whatever you wear.

I hope you all found my tips well and truly helpful in finding your outfit which ‘fits like a glove’!

Thank you for reading,

Macy x

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