5 reasons you know you’re a blogger

1. You have to take a picture everywhere you go

If my boyfriend had a penny for the amount of times I’ve said “take a picture of me please” – he wouldn’t need to take the pictures, we could hire a photographer. Everywhere you go, you see it as a photo opportunity, ‘will this brick wall look cute on my feed?’ ‘ooh flowers let me pose in front of them’. I very rarely tend to go out and not have my picture taken – it’s almost a must do on a daily basis.

2. You order the food on the menu that would look the nicest on Instagram

When ordering something I always have to think, okay but is that going to look nice enough on my blog? As strange as it sounds, you become naturally inclined to choosing the nicest looking food, even if it isn’t the yummiest. Not only do I have to order the food that looks the nicest, whoever is accompanying me has to wait to eat until I’ve taken all of the photos I need.

3. Everything you do has to look aesthetically pleasing

Flatlays is the massive key word here; if I’m ever standing above something to take a picture (mostly of food) – it has to be positioned in the right way so it looks all neat and tidy. This is time consuming but the results tend to be rewarding.

4. You turn up late to every social gathering because you’re still writing a blog post

I can’t remember the last time I arrived on time to a party, I spend more time editing my blog posts, writing it all out and taking photos than I do getting ready. I’m extremely organised but also very busy, so I tend to have enough time to get ready, but not enough time to edit my posts before I upload them for the evening.

5. You feel as though you have to look good everywhere you go

This one is a no brainer, when you get used to looking high maintenance and at your best 24/7, it can be really difficult to leave the house looking a mess. I do think no matter what you’re doing, you should still look clean and tidy. It can be quite draining always feeling as though you need to look good, but I think it’s just the way I’m naturally inclined to be.

Thank you for reading!

Macy x

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