Making a belt a transitional piece

I’ve never been much of a belt lover myself, I’ve never really thought that they add much oomph but just recently I fell in love with a beautiful belt and my perspective has done a full blown 180.

It all started several months ago when I kept seeing all of my favourite fashion bloggers with a Gucci belt – now I’m not one for ‘they’ve got it so I want it’, but I just knew this was an accessory that was timeless.

I don’t tend to lust after products that often, seasons change ever so quickly so by the time I’ve gotten over one trend I’m already onto the next. So when I kept whining at my boyfriend about how much I desperately “needed this belt” – he in a roundabout way said ‘stop being so tight and just buy it.’

That I did, I fulfilled this seasons desires by buying the prettiest belt known to man. It’s relatively basic in terms of design but it is a total classic and I know I won’t become bored of it within the foreseeable future.

I’m not much of a gold lover, I’m more a silver type of gal, however accessorising with gold does help to make an outfit stand out. In all honesty, this outfit just wouldn’t have worked had it not of been of been for my new baby saving the day.

The belt is the focal point of this outfit, meaning that an average outfit can become a super cute one just by adding 1 simple accessory. It also gives me the opportunity to coordinate in terms of my other accessories, i.e. I would only wear a jacket with gold zips, as well as bags, sunglasses etc.

For those of you who aren’t belt lovers, I can assure you this may be the one to change your mind.

Thank you for reading!

Macy x

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