An absolute Autumn must-have accessory

I’m not entirely bothered by wearing designer clothes as I hate re-wearing an item of clothing anyhow, and therefore it would be a total waste to keep buying expensive clothes when they would just gather dust in my wardrobe after being worn once. However, I must admit that I am a total and utter sucker for designer bags, coats and shoes. A new ‘must have’ in my life is my new Kate Spade bag. I was ever so torn between boring black or a pale pink bag, both in very similar styles. Personally, I loved the pink bag the most, however when wearing paler colours, it makes it more difficult to match your outfit. With winter coming up, a pale coloured bag was just not practical so I settled on a black bag. Although black is relatively boring, I can match it to practically any outfit I like. With Autumn/Winter approaching quickly, my new little bag will come in so handy. Kate Spade as a designer in general is pretty impressive, all of her bags are to die for. All the bags stick their shape (as long as I don’t fill this one to the brim like all my other bags!) At a higher price point, you really do get what you pay for.

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