In it for the frill – Pretty Lady Boutique

With the clothes that I wear, it’s pretty evident that I’m a boutique kinda gal. I love anything girly and pretty.

This Autumn/ Winter my latest obsession has been Pretty Lady Boutique; the whole stock range is literally every ‘girlys girls’ dream.

First of all, you know when your friend asks what you’re wear and you reply with “nice top and jeans”, well just how perfectly would this top fit for one of those nights. It’s uber classy but also has a bit of a sassy side to it.

Have I ever mentioned before just how obsessed I am with being cushty in the Winter? (Multiple times I think) Well I have found the cutest little jumpers amongst the range; anything with frills and pearls is a little bit of me. I’m a total sucker for a jumper that can be casj but is still dressy enough to wear with a blouse underneath.

The jeans are also from Pretty Lady Boutique; they’re far comfier than my Joni jeans and also are a bit of a better fit. The price tag is much more attractive too!

From frills to diamonds and pearls, there is something for pretty much anyone who wants to spice up their wardrobe this winter. It’s totally affordable and serves all the looks you’re gonna need this (extremely chilly) Winter.

You can shop the range here!

Thanks for reading!

Macy xo

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