Your whole look probably needs an overhaul – and here’s how

Sometimes I feel as though I may be entering a mid life crisis; I’m not even 18 yet so I’ve not even lived a quarter of my life yet (hopefully!) But a mid life crisis really does seem possible right now.

I’ll explain; do you ever just go through a phase where nothing is making you satisfied? You want a complete redo? A new bedroom, a new home town, a new wardrobe, a new life?

Most of time, when I’m having a moment like this, it’s because I’m lacking self confidence or I’m just bored. It feels inevitable that I’m going to end up plain and boring with little self fulfilment. (See what I mean about the mid life crisis?)

Because I love to be a positive person, I know that there is always something that can be done to help get me out of this predicament, or shall we say, slump of boredom. If you’re feeling this way too, then take a look at some of my top tips.

Change your look:

This may seem pretty obvious, but dressing the same and looking the same everyday can have a real negative impact on your day to day life. I have a style which very rarely varies; this is something I truly dislike. It is good to have a sense of your own unique style, however nothing good EVER happens in your comfort zone!

Branch out, do more, feel different within yourself and you’ll sure start to see how it can positively affect you. Sometimes changing up your style a bit can give you a new lease of life; a new style idea for me could be super casual. There are very few people in my life who have seen me rock uber casual, so my next move would definitely would be to shake it up a bit. To wear more casual stuff and feel confident in it too.

Change your hair:

Okay so this one is a bit more complex; I have never coloured my hair and I’ve never changed it drastically. But there are ways to change up your hair without ruining it or having to visit a hairdressers; do this by creating a different style. I pretty much wear my hair up in a ponytail or straight and down. Boring! As I’ve mentioned, nothing good can happen in your comfort zone; wear a ribbon in your hair, braid it in a completely different way. Small steps always lead to self improvement!

Change the people around you:

If the people around you are having a negative impact on your own self prosperity, then leave them behind. Sometimes the sad truth is that when we grow, people either have to step up or step out. The way their actions impact your happiness will show exactly what they need to do; spend less time with negi people and spend more time with people who give off good vibes, who are full of kindness. Most of all, choose people who choose you, if you feel that people aren’t giving you just what you need, then spend less time with them and more time with yourself! You can learn a lot about yourself when your main goal is focusing on your own dreams and happiness.

Love yourself first.

Happy Monday!

Thank you for reading!

Macy x

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