The art of layering up

With Christmas just round the corner (yay!!) the most perfect post I could think of was how to layer up.

Winter is my favourite time of the year, for the most part, because of Christmas. But also, because I do love a good winter look!

I love a nice little cosy jumper and purchasing multiple new coats. My other favourite aspect of Winter fashion is 100% layering up. I love getting out my wooly hat and gloves and a big coat.

The trick to layering:

1. One pattern maximum

When wearing an outfit that consists of multiple different items, always stick to one pattern only. If I was to wear my tartan scarf for example, my outfit in itself would most probably be a plain top and some black jeans. If you add in more than one pattern, it can look slightly messy.

2. Layer up with things that can be taken off

The worst thing about layering up is when you wear far too much that you can’t take off, and you end up sweating and having a near meltdown. For example, if you wear a thermal underneath a pretty top, with a thick coat over the top, prepare to start baking. Wear things which don’t need to stay on, for example you can ditch the thermal and instead wear a blouse underneath a jumper underneath a thick coat. Then, if it gets far too hot you can always take off the jumper and coat!

Thank you for reading and I hope you found these tips useful!

Merry Christmas and happy layering!

Macy x

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