5 beauty products I couldn’t live without

The idea of seeing in someones make up bag is very intimate and exciting; in all honesty, last week I got obliterated because of how dirty my brushes were. See how it can be difficult to let people in? To see whats inside your own make up bag?

If there’s one thing make up lovers love to do, it’s look through other peoples make up bags, and gossip all things beauty related: reviews, latest hauls, you name it and a make up lover has probably spoken about it.

There are about a trillion different beauty products that I couldn’t live without, so minimising it down to just 5 was difficult to say the least.

1. Uvistat “Evening Protect Aftersun”

It has definitely been a good few months since I was last in the sun, I use aftersun every single day. I did some seriously intense research with regards to how to make my skin resemble that of Kim K. In all fairness, after sun hasn’t exactly repaired all my life problems and made me look as though I’ve had my skin resurfaced, but it has definitely helped. I suffered with dry skin and I now use aftersun as my daily moisturiser; I’ve found it a lot more effective than any other moisturisers I have used.

2. Morphe ‘350S palette’

I actually received this palette as a Christmas present from my best friend and it is dreamy. First of all, I am a glitter girl through and through. I always always wear glitter on my lids, I’ve never worn a matte eyeshadow as a base. This palette is so pigmented I couldn’t imagine life without it.

3. Urban Decay ‘All Nighter Foundation’

Okay so, up until recently I have been a Double Wear girl, until I tried the All Nighter Foundation, and I switched up real quick. I swear by this foundation, it is full coverage and so matte too. I know a lot of people who prefer dewy looks, but I have aaaaalways been a matte lover. I tried out the Armani foundation too, but I still think the All Nighter foundation is the holy grail of foundations.

4. Barry M ‘Setting powder’

I have a total love hate relationship with setting/ baking powder. By that I mean, I literally don’t like leaving the house without it on. But I also hate when you look back through pictures and allllll you can see is the ridiculous flashback on your T-zone and under your eyes. However, I have found a cure. I’ve just started using the Barry M one which is a much cheaper alternative to other setting powders, and it is honestly so good. I used to use the Diego Dalla Palma setting powder which was around £30, and it gave the worst flashback ever. The Barry M powder is only £5.99, and is so much nicer to use.

5. Revolution ‘Pro Amplified Palette”

Last of all, the Revolution Pro Amplified Palette, for anyone who knows me and/or follows me on any of my social media channels, you will know just how much I looove to glow. I love a good bit of highlight; I used to stick to pinky colours due to the paleness of my skin. But ever since I’ve started tanning, I’m a lover of the gold-y glow too. This palette is incredible because it literally has every shade for every skin colour, and gives suuuch a good glow.

Thanks for reading!

Macy x

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