Nude Sundays

Nude pallettes are such a Spring time thing; I didn't realise how much pallettes and colours take a toll in choosing your outfit based on what time of the year it is.  For example, in the Autumn everyone tends to opt towards browns, yellows, oranges etc. (Although sometimes this must be challenged). In the summer … Continue reading Nude Sundays

My MUST-have summer beauty treatment

Summer is just around the corner and as the weather gets warmer my motivation to do my make-up is lessening by the day.  I've decided to take a different approach when writing today; I decided to focus furthermore on beauty than fashion.  Yesterday I had lash extensions applied and I am in love! Doing my … Continue reading My MUST-have summer beauty treatment

Trips to Cambridge: what to wear when shopping

With the weather being so hot yet so overcast currently, I feel completely stuck in limbo as to what I should wear.  I don't want to overheat in an outfit, but I don't want to look like I think I'm in Spain when it's actually only 18 degrees and extremely cloudy.  Today I'm going to … Continue reading Trips to Cambridge: what to wear when shopping

All-black Saturday nights

This evening I am feeling a little bit like Sandy from Grease; I very rarely go plain and go all-black, but tonight is a rarity.  This evening I am as per usual, out and about and I'm dressed for the occassion.  This outfit is very very plain for me - but any outfit with heels … Continue reading All-black Saturday nights

Better Weather

If you're feeling the glow this week due to the sun suddenly appearing, I'm with you 100%.  In the summer I am so partial to sundresses, and although today's outfit isn't necessarily a sundress, it still works nonetheless.  Although black probably isn't the ideal colour choice for a summer dress, it still looks cute! This … Continue reading Better Weather

How to rock block colours

I am a total believer in, if an outfit has no patterns within it, it's most probably boring. However, sometimes factors such as the weather can throw me off and mean I'm not able to wear something with a pattern.  Today was such a beautiful day and I 110% largely regretted wearing tights the second … Continue reading How to rock block colours

Saturday night outfit

I am about to potentially feature the least glam Saturday night outfit I have ever sported.  This evening I am going to a guurls night and I slightly fear getting moaned at for being "too dressy". This usually happens, however it is inevitable. I really can't help wanting to go full glam ever Saturday.  Upon … Continue reading Saturday night outfit

Feeling kind of blue

Contrary to the fact that my title quite literally says 'feeling kind of blue', I am feeling extremely positive this week, regardless as to what my outfit vibes have given off.  I have been lacking the effort when it comes to my make-up recently, and for a few days have abandoned my "always dress up" … Continue reading Feeling kind of blue