SLNGHR inspired looks

For anyone who is an extreme hopeless romantic and active on social media, there is no doubt in my mind that you will know who Anna and Joshua are. (He quite literally designs clothes so that she can wear them; if that isnt a dream I don't know what is.) Recently I have been absolutely … Continue reading SLNGHR inspired looks

What looks best with denim

Today's topic completely surrounds my ever growing issue, what honestly looks the cutest with blue denim?  Black denim is as easy as pie to match anything with, where as blue denim, ESPECIALLY light blue denim can be a right pain to match things with when you feel as though "you've got no clothes".  Everyday to … Continue reading What looks best with denim

Step into Summer evenings

This evening I am attending a BBQ and I am so excited to wear something slightly summery! With the weather being so miserable this week my spirits have been heightened massively by being able to wear this super cute dress! Summer evenings are quite literally my favourite. There is not much to say about this … Continue reading Step into Summer evenings

Finding a balance between comfort and style

As much as I hate to admit it, I really struggle a large amount with finding a 50/50 balance between comfort and style. I feel as though it's pretty much 15% comfort and 85% style.  Yesterday however I would say I made a large leap to 30% comfort and 70% style. I spent the day … Continue reading Finding a balance between comfort and style

Can you rock Autumn colours in the Summer?

I am such a strong believer in the fact that certain colours only belong in certain seasons. Today I'm hopping out of my comfort zone and questioning my own beliefs.  Brown is 100% an autumn colour, especially the sandy brown colour I'm wearing today.  This brown pocketed A-Line skirt is one of my favourite autumn … Continue reading Can you rock Autumn colours in the Summer?

Saturday evening fit

I always feel as though when it's super warm my actual look isnt that great. I mean my outfits are relatively cute but I feel as though they can become slightly repetitive due to lacking layers.  The fact that I live in playsuits probably doesn't help towards the variety of my outfits either.  This evening … Continue reading Saturday evening fit

How to avoid outfit repeating

For those of you who know me, you will be fully aware as to how much I reject outfit repeating. It is a total and utter crime to even consider wearing an outfit you've already been seen in.  If my readers could really see what my wardrobe looks like, they would think my whole blog … Continue reading How to avoid outfit repeating